Introducing Vendi TV

Inform, Sell And Connect With Vending Customers

Get The First Digital Signage Network Built Exclusively for Vending Machines

  • Give potential customers and passers by a good reason to stop and check out your vending machine
  • Get all the benefits of TV Advertising through a monitor that literally sits on to of the Point of Sale
  • Inform customers about simple machine operation, highlight payment options, provide instructions for customer refunds
  • Sell location and vending machine products with Digital Ads, focus on new items, sale prices and combination deals
  • Sell advertising to neighboring businesses as a additional source of revenue
  • Connect with customers and guests to promote your business location’s special events, policy changes, and notifications

How Will Vendi TV Enhance My Vending Machine Service?

  • Harness the power of video to demonstrate your vending machine operation
  • We create and manage your digital content for you based on your direction
  • Display the variety of great deals that you are selling from the machine
  • Entertain and instruct your customers about location events and special offers
  • Small monitors — minimally intrusive, but big enough to be very effective tools
  • Open a secondary revenue stream from selling advertising

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