Snack Guy

 About WALL’S MART Healthy Vending

Hi, I’m Adam Wall, the founder of WALL’S MART Healthy Vending. I am a lifelong SoCal resident and career-long survivor of all types of workplaces.  I also love the comfort that snacks bring to people — especially healthy ones.

Throughout my experience, I have discovered that great snacks are the best promotion tool for customers and that a cold drink can be the ultimate team building device.    

At WALL’S MART, we have made a business around providing healthier vending options to SoCal businesses and other organizations.  It’s a labor of love — love of people and snacks.

Interested in receiving more information?  Would you like to try a free, no obligation trial of our services?  I would be happy to bring some snack samples for your review as well.

Please fill out the information on the Contact Us page or call me directly at 888-705-8823.

Here’s To Your Health!


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