Why Healthy Vending?

What Are The Advantages Versus Ordinary Vending?

  • Most people strive to be health conscious to some degree
  • Many people spend the majority of their day at their business places 
  • Still, there are limited snack and drink options in most workplaces 
  • WALL’S MART provides healthy snacks, drinks and meals that people love
  • It’s a big, positive gesture that cost nothing to the company

Why Promote Healthy Eating And Lifestyles?

  • Workplace Wellness Programs help combat rising healthcare costs
  • Everyone benefits from a healthier, more productive work environment
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet increases energy and productivity
  • Providing healthier snack options shows care for customers and staff
  • Promoting health and fitness are outstanding Public Relations tools

Healthy Snacks And Drinks Are Already A Big Part Of Our Culture

We Are Seeking To Place New Machines In The Following Great Locations

Spa / Beauty Salon

Medical Center

Malls / Shopping

Sports Center

Car / RV Dealer

Apartment / Hotel

Gym / Health Club

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